Coppell Montessori Academy (CMA) is located in the heart of Coppell. It is a co-educational school catering to children from 6 weeks to 6 years. The facility includes indoor Gymnasium, Computer Lab, Library/Music room, covered Play Areas and a stand alone Greenhouse for children to learn more about nature.

CMA provides a rich academic environment founded on the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori with a strong concentration in math, language, art, music, world cultures, and the development of a social conscience. We follow Maria Montessori’s principles to inspire a passion for excellence and to nurture curiosity, creativity and imagination. Our goal is to develop in our students a love of learning that will guide and sustain them throughout their lives.

We respect the uniqueness of each student by helping each child to develop skills at periods of greatest readiness and sensitivity. Montessori classrooms meticulously categorize activities that are appropriately challenging for children at different ages (e.g., the sensory and motor activities). Through Montessori education the child builds character, gains a sense of social and global responsibility, and develops inner discipline.

We believe in hiring good teachers. We realize that teachers make the foundation of a good school. Our staff is Montessori trained and certified. They have years of experience to guide your children in the classroom. Our goal is to provide you with the expertise and support needed through your child’s different stages or growth.

We encourage you to call us or come and talk to us; we will be happy to answer all your questions.

With warm regards,

Vickie Rice

Our Mission - Empowering Child

Coppell Montessori Academy nurtures intellectual, and academic excellence inherent in each child using the child-centered Montessori philosophy. We believe in developing the whole child- social, emotional, creative, artistic, and physical skills in an environment where parents and teachers work hand in hand in an open environment. We realize the importance of pre-school education in development of the 'whole' child and success in later schooling.

Our Faculty

All our teachers are Montessori Certified with years of experience. Even our assistant teachers are Montessori trained.

Our Learning Environment.

The Montessori environment contains specially designed, manipulative "materials for development" that invite children to engage in learning activities of their own individual choice. Under the guidance of a trained teacher, children in a Montessori classroom learn by making discoveries with the materials, cultivating concentration, motivation, self-discipline, and a love of learning.

We provide a great learning experience because:

  • We take a true Montessori approach to education, providing children with hands-on learning experiences in a multi-age setting.
  • We are committed to a positive progress in each child's individual development.
  • Our teachers are our asset. The most experienced and trained Montessori teachers guide every classroom in CMA.